Солнечные батареи SSI Solar

Солнечные батареи производства SSI Solar. Швейцария.

SSI Solar Swiss International GmbH with its head office in Zug has been on the market in the photovoltaic sector since the start of 2008. Previous to this were three years of extensive work and market research studies and the expansion of international experience and networks which the founders of the company gained from working for 10 years in the electrical power generation and distribution sector amongst others at AEG and ALSTOM corporate groups.

The company has carried out intensive research of the international photovoltaic market and constantly keeps these up-to-date. We have a global network along the entire value chain and work closely together with well-known European wafer, cell, module and plant manufacturers.

SSI has own wafers, cells and modules, which are produced under international registered trademark SSI Solar® as OEM from renowned partners with their approved technology in Switzerland, Germany, Korea, China and Taiwan.

We have turned over ca. 15 MW with our partners in 2010. For 2011 we have scheduled 40 MW. We are active in the markets Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and United Arab Emirates. We prepare market activities in Vietnam, Portugal, South America and India.

Солнечные батареи  SSI Solar – LS – 235W
Цена: 16900 руб.
Габариты (Д х Ш х В), Масса: 1650 х 1010 х 42 мм, 19 кг
Номинальное напряжение в цепи: 24/48 В и т.д.
Срок службы: более 30 лет
Материал: Мультикристаллический кремний
Производитель: Solar Swiss International, Швейцария

Солнечный модуль на основе мультикристаллических кремниевых элементов применяется в фотоэлектрических системах. Уникальная система европейского контроля гарантирует высокое качество. Сделано в Швейцарии. Подробнее...

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Солнечные батареи